Benefit from our advisory

Benefit from our advisory

To be able to make a responsible and strategic choice, it is important to create a tailor-made project team in which your experts from the various disciplines are represented. The project team draws up the framework for the environmental center or the resource center and monitors that these are in line with the municipal vision and the waste and raw materials policy.

Modulo Béton starts with an inventory based on objectives, visitor numbers, available resources and space. We visit recently built environmental waste sites with the project team and evaluate the various designs. Communication, input and support from and with the customer are essential for the quality and continuity of the entire project.

This leads to the framework for the new environmental center and a Design & Project Plan  is drawn up. In the inventory of the wishes of the municipality the following issues are discussed:

  • The different types of environmental waste; deeply built, hybrid, semi-raised or raised platform with the use of the underside?
  • The choice in the arrangement of the containers; fish degree, right angle or a combination of these?
  • Use of spaces under the platform; collection of small fractions by means of insertion pillars on top of the platform. Storage of volume fractions such as EPS, mattresses, tapes and KCA in accordance with PGS 15. Is an integration of a KCA-depot into the environmental center possible?
  • Storage of containers, equipment and packaging material. Taking recycled goods, after sorting waste and disassembling different fractions. Design of the underside for educational and work places, changing rooms and shower rooms.
  • How are employees used as efficiently as possible? How do I achieve the optimal routing?
  • It is essential that an analysis is made of the combination: type of environmental street versus the subsurface in connection with the foundation costs and risks of settlements in the long term.

Various sketch designs are made after the inventory and the exploratory phase. These sketch designs are provided with a description with influence on service level, costs and environmental yield. The sketch designs are discussed in the project group and together there is a preferred variant. This preferred variant is further elaborated in design and provided with a budget.

Modulo acts as project leader and is responsible for the substantive progress of the project. In consultation with the customer a draft planning is made, with the work steps to be followed. We have the experience, through efficient and effective work sessions, to get all relevant information on the table, so that good progress is guaranteed.

We can unburden you during the entire preliminary project and during the project management, we do this in an open and transparent manner. We take care of the entire process, but we can also be used for parts. This way you benefit from the advantages of Modulo, but you are never bound. In this we are open and loyal to our customers.



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