Modular for Environmental use

A unique scalable, flexible and sustainable waste recycling infrastructure !

With almost 300 sites already around the world, the efficiency of our concept is not anymore to be proven...

Modulo Beton has been created in France in 2004 and is a specialist in designing and installing modular concrete buildings. Its division dedicated to Environment, Modulo Beton Environment creates innovative, modular and circular environmental waste recycling infrastructures, all around the world. Community recycling centers (CRC), hazardous waste recycling centers (HWRC), circular or smart recycling centers, sub-transfer stations, can be designed and built in a more durable and efficient way.

Waste management infrastructure is by nature , forced to adapt and change over time, following demographics, economics and politics.

Thanks to the flexible construction method, waste collection sites are built in a way that can be adapted, removed, moved and reused over time. Depending on the changing environmental and legislative requirements.

With maximum space utilization under the platform and minimal (capital) costs. Efficient and effective. The future is modular, the future is circular.

Indeed, a waste collection site must be adjusted every 10 years on average in connection with changes in legislation and regulations, changes within municipal boundaries and demographic developments.

The innovative Modulo concept has the following characteristics:

  • Dismountable allowing maximum flexibility to the future. Our concept is allowing fast mobility, simple expansion and adaptation possibilities
  • Durable and circular because the concrete elements are produced with secondary raw materials (eco granules) and 100% reusable
  • Double use of land/ground through the space under the platform. The areas under the platform include the following applications : storage of Small Chemical Waste , storage of flows such as mattresses and EPS, office space, sanitation, recycling, education space, space for subsequent separation of waste flows, application of insertion columns, storage of equipment and material
  • The total lifetime costs (TCO) of a Modulo environmental street are lower than those of the traditionally built environmental street, no disinvestments when moving and adjusting the platform.
  • Short realization time due to our fast way of building
  • Less earthmoving and deployment of equipment (CO2 mitigation)
  • Relatively low pressure load to the substrate or foundation. This has a favorable effect on the occurrence of settlements that can occur when building on “bad” grounds such as former landfills, flooded areas, …