In the Netherlands, Modulo Beton recognized as a top best practice in Circular Economy

Modulo Recycling Centre

Our vision:

The recycling centre collects and passes on. That is why they are much more than an environmentally-friendly place to dump waste. It is a point of conversion; a circulation site where people give items and materials new uses. The old is turned into new. That is why Modulo intends to turn the recycling centre into a friendly inviting place that involves people in the natural cycle of waste, reuse and creation. Each person has to take their own responsibility. The market is shifting from linear to circular!

Future-proof investment:

Recent developments show that relocation and adjustment or revitalisation of recycling centres is a reality in many municipalities. This can be due to municipal mergers, demographic developments and/or a change in waste fraction separation. By making smart, strategic choices now, municipalities can prevent significant depreciation and disinvestment. We will guide municipalities and/or other organisations involved in creative and inspiring ways on a daily basis by recommending and developing future-proof, circular recycling centres. All over the world.

Circular Recycling Centre Program:

The programme displays various activities that can be applied to and around the recycling centre. Modulo gives recommendations, supervises and, if necessary, cooperates with experts in the field who have already proven their merits in terms of thinking and acting in a circular way. A key aspect of this programme is the ‘migration’ to a circular recycling centre. Within the municipality, the new recycling centre acts as a ‘place of inspiration’ and a ‘beacon of change’ towards the circular economy. The program provides clear communication with respect to the direction and goals set towards the citizens and own employees. This results in a positive contribution to achieving the waste and environmental goals that have been set.

Programme elements:

• Support and involvement in the new recycling centre within the municipal system
• Creating support with citizens to increase awareness and stimulate reuse of materials. Positive communication
• Involving societies, schools and local entrepreneurs
• Positioning the recycling centre as a stage and breeding grounds for circular initiatives
• Reduction of residual waste by rewarding waste separation at the source
• Integrating SW in the context of Social Return
• From possession to use? A performance agreement based on Turntoo?
• Final programme as a result of interviews within the organisation.

We have opted for a brief info in light of ‘Circular Action’. Our website contains more information on our projects, videos (YouTube) and news.

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