Modular recycling centers

Already 250+ recycling centers worldwide !

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Patented solutions for waste recycling infrastructures

Modulo Beton is since 2004 the leader in modular recycling platforms , deployed worldwide !

Innovative and patented technology

Our technology, protected by patents in Europe, and number of countries such as US/Canada, China, Australia, South Africa, Japan... is the only one allowing a double use of the top of the platform and its bottom, maximizing the storage space

Durability and flexibility

Our system enable a long durability of the construction whilst enabling the infrastructure to be extended and moved as per the recycling needs and policies. It's tremendously important to allow economic savings of public money.

Quick installation

Our solutions are installed within a few weeks only, enabling the recycling activities to be performed in average 3 months only after the design is validated.


With reusable products made of low emission concrete, circular and sustainable economy is at the heart of our development.

Installing a recycling platform has never been so easy and quick

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Quick, industrialized but customized !

Whilst standardized to allow a quick design and installation, our patented technology allows us to meet with specific needs, both from users and managers and to comply with local regulations.

Our modular technology

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We have operating partners in many countries, and we are also looking for new ones.
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Canada : a new eco-center and HWRC for the Mohawk Community of Kanasetake !

The Ratihontsanonhstats Kanesatake Environment Project, was created in October 2016, by the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake to develop, implement and maintain safe environmental measures and policies for the Mohawk Community of Kanasetake. Part of the project was to design, install a eco center. Modulo was the preferred solution for the split level part of the ecocenter…


A NEW HWRC IN CARDIFF ON TOP OF A LANDFILL: LAYOUT AND CONSTRUCTION Modulo-Beton UK has constructed a modular, split level HWRC in Cardiff recently. Henk Kaskens, owner,  will be speaking about the design, layout & construction of this flagship HWRC that has been constructed on top of a closed landfill. An extremely good example…